The first prototype.

Final version in an edition of 30.


Pattern Box

Starting with a very simple herring bone pattern, shift each striped panel left or right. Amazingly, very complex patterns start to appear. I continue to be surprised by new patterns people build onto this box. Make any pattern you like, but if you wish to open the box, you must use some very creative problem solving. There is a riddle to the Pattern Box. Piece together very subtle clues hidden about the box to unlock the final compartments inside.

Below are just a few of my favorite pattern possibilities. There many periodic pattern possibilities, and even more non-periodic designs.

The Pattern Box unlocked. Now, only half the box is solved.

Perhaps the "key" pattern unlocks the Pattern Box? Make sure the key is the right size key and also that it turns the correct way. Every pattern has a duel pattern possibility, which is a reflection of the first. A duel of this key pattern will be a path curling counterclockwise. Only one key unlocks the box. Be warned, there are many keys, finding the correct one takes time.

Here are 1x3 rectangles.

Large squares.

L's surrounding squares.


1 X 5 rectangles alternating.

A randomized, non periodic pattern.



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